Departmental Representatives

A big, distributed course like this can only exist because of the hard work of each of the Department representatives on our committee.  Below are their names and email addresses. They are your contacts for participation in your clinical area.  Please let us know if your area of practice is not covered by the Departments listed below.


Department Departmental Representative Email Address
Anaesthesia Dr. Ahtsham Niazi
Dermatology Dr. Perla Lansang
Emergency Medicine Dr. Laura Hans
Family and Community Medicine Dr. Azadeh Moaveni
Global Health (Lead)    
Internal Medicine Dr. Luke Devine
Laboratory Medicine    
Medical Imaging Dr. Mini Pakkal
Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Dini Hui
Ophthalmology Dr. Cathy Lam
Otolaryngology Dr. John Lee
Paediatrics Dr. Hosanna Au
Psychiatry Dr. Monica Scalco
Public Health Dr. Alanna Fitzgerald-Husek /Dr. Farah Manji

Radiation Oncology Dr. Merdith Giuliani
Surgery Dr. Jeremy Hall