General Concepts

Your selective with the student will comprise between 12-16% of their grade for the course, and when combined with the other 2 Selectives they will do, will make up one of the components they must pass in order to graduate from medical school.

For your information only, the other components are 2 Assignments which must be handed in during the course, and an examination on some content taught during 2 Central Weeks of teaching.

The Selective evaluation is focused on the "upper-level" skills necessary to function in any medical environment as a resident.  There is a huge variety of settings that are being used as Selectives. For this reason, we're not emphasizing medical knowledge at this point - it's been tested thoroughly for these students up until now.  We're focused on the student's ability to Communicate, Collaborate, Manage, Advocate, be Scholarly, and be Professional.  As you will see from the Evaluation form, there are many more items under these domains than there are under the traditional Medical Expert domain.

Evaluating students in this setting requires getting to know them, and observing what they do.  See the Practical Tips page for more on this.

Our school uses a Student Information System called MedSIS.  You have been enrolled as a Supervisor on MedSIS, which means you will receive emails from it when evaluations are due.  The Forms Page on this site shows you what these look like.

The first evaluation will be at the midway point of the Selective.  This is NOT MANDATORY, but can be very helpful. At this time, we suggest you sit down and share with the student your preliminary observations on their Strengths, Areas for Development, and Recommendations for Learning.  This evaluation carries no weight toward their grade, but is important for them to understand how they are doing.  You should document your discussion briefly on the form.

The Final Evaluation will occur in the final week of the Selective.  You will be sent a link to the form, which you should fill out before the last day of the Selective, and go over it with the student while they are still there.  You should Submit the form by the final day of the Selective.  This Evaluation will count towards their course credit.  See the Forms page for more details.

The Final Evaluation includes a separate form for Professionalism.  Our school takes the documentation and followup of any Professionalism issues very seriously.  The student must have a clean Professionalism record to graduate.  For more information, see the Professionalism page.